Thursday, January 9, 2020

Through The Storm

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Through The Storm

The cold winds blew upon the trees;
Harshly they turn from side to side.
The whipping rain came down with sound;
The lightning lit the darkened sky.

Our faith was tried, sometimes we cried;
We wondered if we'd make it through.
We held on tight, kept God in sight;
That's all we knew that we could do.

It's when we praised our God in faith;
We felt our Saviour’s loving hug.
It's when we called upon His name;
Our strength was found in His great love.

Oh, when the whistling swirling winds;
Came to a gentle, peaceful end.
We saw the sunlight shining through;
We felt safe and joyful again.

God is there with us in the storm.
God is with us in our sorrows.
God gives us faith through all our fears.
He gives us strength to face tomorrow.

As we keep our focus on Him.
As we place our burden on Him.
He renews right ambitions.
As we trust Him, as we love Him.

Even through the storm.
Even through the storm.

Susan Y Nikitenko
August 6th, 2016 ©
Updated January 9th, 2020

Friday, March 15, 2019

Jesus Knows

Jesus Knows

Jesus knew He would die;
A merciless death.
He knew they would mock;
With no tenderness.
Jesus  knew the high cost;
And paid it in blood.
As they pounded the nails;
With each sounding thud.
Jesus knew forgiveness;
For those that scourged Him.
And cried for their souls;
As He paid for their sin.
He knew the great horror:
He would have to face.
He knew He had power;
To leave from its place.
He knew of redemption;
And what it would take.
He freely  did suffer;
For yours and my sake.
He  knew He'd have vic'try;
Over deaths sway.
He would conquer the curse;
Resurrection day.
He knows more than your name;
And He knows your shame.
He knows all your burdens;
He knows all your pain.
He knows that He's the Way;
The Light and the Truth.
He knows He's the answer
He's calling to you.

Susan Y Nikitenko
January 27th, 2013

This song could be sung anytime..

Audio Added May 19th 2019. This song could be sung anytime. It could be sung in Children's Church. This sounds like a Hymn we already sing but the words are different. It's arranged differently.

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