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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Diamond in The Sky - By: Susan Y Nikitenko

A Diamond in The Sky

I read a most astounding thing;
It moved me so, to write.
I looked up at the stars above;
I viewed them just tonight.

In awe I stood and gazed to sky;
Oh, How Great you are.
Your wonders they are endless, Lord;
You made a special star.

It's beauty's fine and very rare;
It's gone through heat and flame.
Once a perfect twinkling star;
but never more the same.

A giant diamond, gleaming bright;
Shines somewhere in the sky.
Amazing Lord, the things you do;
It makes me want to cry.

The largest diamond here is small;
Great beauty it must shine.
Reflecting brilliant light and color;
Made by your hand divine.

This reminds me of your beauty;
How valuable you are.
Worth more than any diamond;
A wondrous unique star.

Lord, you've gone through fire for me;
You paid the sinners debt.
I am a diamond in the rough;
I am not finished yet.

But you are brilliant, a perfect jewel;
None next to you, compare.
Ever shining in God's pure light;
Your gleam is everywhere.

Oh Lord, you are so beautiful;
A diamond in the sky.
Your love so brightly shines to men;
Because you came to die.

Because you passed from death to life;
Because you loved men so.
Lord, that is why you're beautiful;
A special star aglow.

By: Susan Y Nikitenko

I change the word cosmic to
giant  - 2016

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