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Friday, April 8, 2011

Stand Still! - By: Susan Y Nikitenko

Stand Still!

Stand Still.

Oh, children of God.
See the work of His hands;
Amazing creations and lands.

Stand Still!

And know He is God.
Consider the heavens above.
In awe consider His love.

Stand Still!

Know you are heaven made.
Your hands, your eyes,
Your mind, your heart,
You, His miracle, human art.

Stand Still!

See how wonderful He is.
Perfect, Holy Lord;
Deliverer of the world.

Stand Still!

Worship and adore Him;
Our Redeemer, our Friend,
The Beginning, the End.

I now stand still.

I see you Lord.
I love you Lord.
I need you Lord.

In Worship;
I stand still.

By: Susan Y Nikitenko
(rewritten February 27th 2011)