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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Oh, Glorious Glad Day

Oh, Glorious Glad Day!

We can depend on our Father our friend;
His fountain of love never reaches an end.
Oh, glorious glad day!

He would never throw His babies away;
It was written in blood with His great love
on cal'vry that day.

Through faith and by grace we become His dear babe;
He's not like this world who aborts life He gave.
Oh, glorious glad day!

He sees when we're joyful and knows when we're sad;
And forever He loves us through both
our good and our bad.

He's working each day in the lives that we live;
He knows when we're angry or when we forgive.
Oh, glorious glad day!

He molds us and makes us with His love and care;
Through greatest of trials and all of our miles
 He's constantly there.

No matter our failures, no matter how black;
His blood paid the price and His love will not lack.
Oh, glorious glad day!

He chastens us when we choose a wrong task;
He guides us along through tears or through song;
if we simply just ask.

He's preparing a place for me and for you;
A heavenly home with mansion and view.
Oh, glorious glad day!

At last we will never, ever sin again;
We will see the lovely face of Jesus
smile and chat with Him.

God's child forever embraced by His love:
And carried to heaven , one day like a dove.
Oh, glorious glad day!

 November 4, 2011  ©    ~Susan Y Nikitenko~

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