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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Autumn's Song Is The Harvest Song

 Autumn's Song Is The Harvest Song

The garden leaves fall to the ground:
My face looks up while they fall down.
Without making one single sound;
Like flowers they lay all around.

Leaves whisking here and whipping there;
While Autumn winds sing Autumn's  song.
God's creatures they must sing along;
While they're gathering all day long.

The Summer  flowers are faded now;
The gardens need much love and care.
Winter knocks at the door of fall;
"Gather the Harvest!  Gather it All!"

Autumn's song is the harvest song;
Can you hear the warning winds?
Calling now for you to repent:
Before the Autumn season ends.

Jesus is coming to gather;
He calls to the wandering ones.
The winds of harvest are changing
The will of the Father be done.

O come reap the harvest of hope;
A bountiful harvest of love.
Jesus our Saviors is coming;
To take us to our home above.

"Gather the harvest Lord, gather it all;"
The trumpet of heaven leads this call.
The leaves are falling, heavens  calling;
"Gather the harvest , gather it all."

We've worked, we've sown and we've grown;
The garden is ready to glean.
And now winter cries out,  Prepare!
Jesus is very, very near.
Jesus is very, very near.
Winter cries out,  Prepare!

By Susan y Nikitenko
September 12th, 2011

 I Thessalonians  4:17
Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

 Matthew 24:36
But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

 Mark 13:32
But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

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