Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pray Today

Pray Today

Let us a pray today for President Trump and also our armed forces as they endeavor to deliver a hurting people.  Our President has had to make a very hard decision.  It is our duty as American citizen to stand up for those that cannot protect themselves.  I'm reminded today of the millions and millions of Jewish, Ukrainian and Eastern European  peoples that were taken by force into the slave labor camps during World War II.  Many of them were very young, I think of my husband's mother who was taken unwillingly from her family at around 13 years of age. 

Millions and millions of people died in the Nazi camps, murdered mercilessly.  Gassed in masses and their bodies thrown together into piles upon piles.  There had to be crying out to God for deliverance from a hell on earth.  They had to watch the Nazi soldiers kill family members and friends.  This is just a small, small corner of the horrific crimes of Nazi terrorism.

I remember my husband's mother told of the day she saw Americans coming into the camp where she was.  She literally saw freedom walking her way.   She was a young adult by the time the GI's came into the camp.  Thousands or more were delivered with God's help.  Many Ukrainians were brought to America where they found freedom.  My husband was born here, in America, as the youngest child.  He would not exist  today if it weren't for the compassion of America.  My husband would not be my husband and my children would not be my children.  We would not exist as a family.   

Sometimes we have to do hard things for the sake of others.  It is our duty to protect innocent people who are helpless to help themselves. 
Nobody likes war and it is a very scary thing, but sometimes what is right to do, requires sacrifice.  We know that President Trump does not want war, but when innocent people are being  helplessly killed, duty demands action. 

I do not pretend to be a scholar on the matters of war, but  I do understand the heart behind the decision.   Pray today that it will not be necessary for future action.  Pray that our warning as Americans, will be heard and heeded by the Syrian government.

Susan Y Nikitenko
April 7th, 2017

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