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Stories About Dogs

 Stories About Dogs  

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When we first moved to this home we were greeted the first day by our neighbor's dog barking
at our front door.  Our neighbor apologized and told us the neighbors before us treated the dog with biscuits.  We asked if we could give the dog treats and they were ok with it.  We really didn't have any problem with the dog visiting and we gave him a treat, we did this for many years.  We cared about  Aggot (his name) and we were very careful when we pulled out of our driveway because he would always be there when we would leave or come home.  We were afraid of hitting him with our car.  He did this with all visiting his home as well.  Sometimes he would be very close to the edge of the road and  would try calling to him because I was afraid he would get run over.  We didn't want anything to happen to Aggot.

There were only two times I remember him pooping in our yard. I understood that's what happens
sometimes when a dog is around.
Though if it would of been a regular occurrence, we probably would have become unhappy about it.
The neighbor came to clean it up, but did a very unusual thing.  While I was speaking to him
he acted as though I spoke rudely to him.  He even made movements and looked shocked as though I was
being unkind to him. My back was turned to the hospital which stands in front of our home and I was wondering who was he putting a show on for and wondered if we were being watched from the hospital.

 It was kind of what they do at the football games. ( a fake play.)

After our neighbors moved away we heard from our neighbor's dad that
 Aggot was run over and died after moving into the new place.
We felt sad for our neighbors and also for Aggot.

Susan Nikitenko

 A Ruined Garden

A few years ago I wanted to plant a vegetable garden but had nowhere to plant one.  I asked my Son in-law if I could plant at his grandfather's property.  I planted a few things and they grew and produced vegetables.    I grew some squash, tomatoes and peppers.  I had helped other people in my childhood in their gardens but never tried growing vegetables myself. 

   Something happened though that was a disappointment to me.  The neighbor's dogs didn't use the bathroom in their own yard.  I would go to check on the few vegetables I had planted and I would find  the dogs had pooped right by the vegetables I had planted.  The man who lived next door owned a mowing service, maybe even did landscaping.

 I was happy I was able to grow vegetables and I gathered the vegetables but we didn't eat any of them.  Knowing the garden was pooped and peed on was not appetizing at all.

Susan Nikitenko


I don't know if you remember me talking about Maggie, Maggie was one of our neighbor's three dogs.  Maggie was a Rottweiler.  One day while I was about to work in one of our flower beds, which is located out by the road.  I said hello to our neighbor and Maggie was standing beside of him.  Something very unusual happened.  Every time  I stretched my hand to touch one of my flowers in the flower bed, Maggie would growl.  Every time I withdrew my hand, Maggie would stop growling.  I tested it by repeating the same movement.  Maggie would growl each time and would cease to growl when I withdrew my hand.  Maggie was telling me not to touch the flower.  I thought to myself, "Why would Maggie tell me not to touch the flowers in my own flower garden?"  She must have known something  I didn't.  So I started to observe the flower  I was about to touch.  I noticed at the very top of it was an earwig.  I wondered if Maggie knew there was an earwig on the flower and how she would know one was there.  Maybe Maggie saw something that made her know it? or maybe it wasn't the earwig at all.

Maybe she thought for some reason those were her gardens.  

Susan Nikitenko

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