Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Keep Watch

Keep Watch

Snatched from the realm of darkness;
Brought to salvational light.
Still we live in a dark world;
That’s lost in deception of night.

Soldiers, we fight in a battle;
Led by our heavenly King.
Following spiritual orders;
Obeying and honor we bring.

A battle, between light and darkness;
Our commander has already won.
The Lord, the Light of salvation;
No fear, for He sent His Son.

Jesus, the light of this lost world;
Hope for the lost in there sin.
Victorious, over deaths sentence;
Light has the victory in Him.

We are now, lights in the darkness;
As Jesus sheds love, in our hearts.
Battling this world, in His strength;
We can avoid satans darts.

Carry His lamp, there before you.
His light, will lead in the Way.
He’ll protect, in heat of the battle.
Walk in the Light and don’t stray away.

Keep watch!  Be spiritually ready;
Wearing your shield and your sword.
We shall defeat, in this darkness;
The battle belongs to the Lord

By:   Susan Y Nikitenko ©

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