Thursday, September 1, 2016

Saved In a Snowstorm

Saved In a Snowstorm
( version 2)

Flurry, scurry, everywhere
the falling snow, does blow.
A flock of geese a swaying
fall to the earth below.

Doubting man, says to his wife
“Don’t ask me to believe.”
“Why would God, come down to us,
a sinful world receive?”

Hurting wife, she goes to church;
her heart down in despair.
Crying out to God above
“Show him, Lord, you care.”

Her husband hears a noise outside,
Honking geese trapped in the snow;
Cold, confused, alone,
While cold winds whip and blow.

Compassion speaking to his heart,
“Those wandering geese need saved.”
He bundled up to go outside.
He called to them and waved.

Blowing sharply, wintry winds;
He tried to call and guide.
They simply would not listen,
Though a door stood open wide.

Frustrated and greatly grieved,
He said, in words so dim,
“The only way to save the geese,
Is by becoming one of them.”

He fell upon his knees, that day,
In wintry blowing snow.
Cried out to God, “I understand”
Your love!, I see!, I know!”

God so gracious and so kind;
in compassion, heart felt love,
He came down, to dwell 
with man
And left His home above.

Taking on our human flesh;
He felt our human pain.
Died upon, a wooden cross;
For sinners, He was slain.

No greater love, there’s ever been;
Than that of this Great One.
In Human Flesh, Our loving God,
Sent us His only Son.

John 1:14 
And the Word was made flesh,
and dwelt among us,
(and we beheld his glory, 
the glory as of the only
begotten of the Father,) 
full of grace and truth.

By: Susan Nikitenko 
February 18, 2009 ©

After reading a story called  
"Geese in a Snowstorm"
( I Write This Song About It)
Or Rhyming Reading
Written by an unknown Author

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