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Thursday, September 1, 2016



A day of thanks unto God for the great bounty of not just the harvest,
But for the bounty of love that God has allowed us to know and enjoy.
It has been set aside to honor Him, remember Him and praise Him.

A day of feasting and celebration of family and
to acknowledge Gods graciousness to us. 

We as a nation have not deserved the great blessings
bestowed by God Almighty.  His great creation itself rejoices and shouts
of His goodness.  For this blessing alone we should be thankful.

His provision, for us as a nation, has been
astounding in comparison to other nations.  Let us return to Him and rejoice
with thanksgiving to our great God, who will never leave His child comfortless.

Let us be thankful for the provision of daily need whether
physical emotional or spiritual.  The provision of His grace that enables us
to continue on each day.

Have not the trees produced their crop and the fields their corn?
While others live in a barren waste and beg their bread?

 Still many dare to shake their fist at God while God
has been overly patient with this country.
Have not the spoiled of our country cried
the loudest in their complaints and bit the hands that fed them?

Let our thanksgiving be of a true heart,  Living a life that exemplifies
our gratefulness by our obedience to God.
A nation that forgets God and forsakes His commandments
will not go unpunished.

Lord help us to love you more and truly realize how good you are. 
Help us to see how wonderfully blessed we are in this country.
Your blessings are numberless.

Let us fear what we allow to pass through our lips and
cause them to be filled with praise and thanksgiving. 

Oh Lord I pray, that this country doesn't have to
suffer tremendous loss in order to see how good we really had it.
The old saying stands true,  You really don't know what you have
until it's gone.  Once it's gone we'll realize we should have been grateful.

Let us be grateful.
Let our hearts be filled with  true thankfulness.
Let us rejoice in God's  immeasurable blessings.
Gods provision and His grace upon  this beautiful country,
 America,  our home.

Thank You, God.
Thank You.

Susan Y Nikitenko  11-14-11 ©

2 Corinthians  9:11 
Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.