Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Wandering Alzheimer's Patient

A Wandering Alzheimer's Patient 

I can not remember how long ago this was exactly but within the last seven years or so, 
I noticed an old man walking from the hospital.  He walked towards our home and across the street.
He wandered into the neighbor's yard. Our neighbors were not at home. I never went into our neighbor's yard when they were not at home.   I called to him
and asked him if everything was okay.  I went into the neighbors yard because the man seemed confused.  I noticed He was wearing a tag that said alzheimer's, but because I saw where he wandered from I decided to bring him back to the hospital.  I told him to come with me and he listened.
I held my arm out and asked him to wait until it was safe to cross.  

We safely crossed the street and I lead him to the hospital.  We went into the hospital door but there was no one at the visitor's desk.  
I tried to use the phone for information but I couldn't get it to work.  So I called out loudly asking for some help.  "Could someone please help me, there is no one at the visitor's desk!"  People came from there offices, one man seemed shocked by me, almost fearful.  I guess I came across as very demanding. I just knew they needed to know someone had wandered from the hospital, it could of been devastating.  They could of been doctors for all I know.  I told them the man had wandered from the hospital and someone there needed to contact his family.  The last thing that I remembered is that I told the man goodbye and that I would be praying for him.  

I've heard many stories of people with  alzheimers who wander into the woods and die there because they can not find their way home.  God must of meant for me to be here to stop him from going into the woods.  I've often wondered why God has put us here where we live.  Maybe it was one of the reasons.

Susan Y Nikitenko
July 8th, 2017

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